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Lori Quackenbush

Project Coordinator | Atlanta, Georgia

“I am a bit of a daredevil. I enjoy thrill rides, whitewater rafting, and have my sights set on skydiving.”

What more could we – or you – ask for in a project manager? Someone who is up for the adventure. Someone not thrown by twists and turns.

Lori not only has the right “can-do” attitude, she also has the right “has-done” background. “I have a wide range of experience providing support in executive diligence, leadership development, and coaching.” Talk about the perfect marriage: A resume totally in sync with the best-practice solutions Ampersand offers.

Lori is also known for her balancing act (which, in reality, is not an act). She seamlessly juggles the many moving parts for multiple projects, never losing sight of each client’s unique needs. Think of it as the ideal combination of organizational skills and relationship building.

Ask Lori why a client should choose Ampersand, and she will say, “100 percent, the people.” She should know. She is one of those people.

Career Headlines

Right Management (Coaching Practice), Project Coordinator

Education Highlights

B.S., Business Administration, University of Alabama

Lori Quackenbush

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