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leadership advisory firm

Your Trusted Leadership Advisory Services Firm.

We provide investors and CEOs with clear, insightful recommendations around critical leadership decisions. When it comes to the “people” of a business, we’ve found that the one-size-fits-all approach rarely… well… fits. At Ampersand, our team solves complex talent and organizational challenges.


Chapter 1

Launched in 2010 with five key clients on our roster, Ampersand was built on the desire to impel senior leaders and organizations to reach their full potential.

Chapter 2

Our private equity clients craved a macro view of leadership and organizational capabilities, so we created innovative and compelling assessment solutions in partnership with world-class PE firms.

Chapter 3

Deeply rooted in the space we love, we currently serve some of the top PE firms in the world and advise leaders from reputable growth companies across major industries such as technology, healthcare, financial services, and more.


What We Stand For