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We are strategic advisors to investors and CEOs. Ampersand provides pointed, data-driven insights into an organization’s current leadership with actionable solutions to help unlock growth.



The Ampersand is the Iconic Symbol of Connection.

We take that to heart. Our high-touch solutions create strong connections with the investors and executives we partner with each day. Our team digs into business strategy first, to understand the specific need. We don’t just check the boxes – we offer relevant, custom solutions to execute leadership strategy throughout the investment life cycle. We engender confident decisions and enable alignment, accelerating value creation.


Ampersand Solutions



A comprehensive perspective on a management team’s capabilities, dynamics, and provides insight to close gaps against the backdrop of what is needed to realize accelerated growth. Drives a strategic talent and organizational roadmap.


Provides deep insights into a leader’s experience, capabilities, and potential to scale with the organization.

Advisory Services

Astute guidance on talent strategy across an enterprise or portfolio. We partner with you to tackle challenges through custom coaching and onboarding, alignment and facilitation, and management team development.

CEO Succession

A robust process that identifies high potentials, uncovers gaps in bench strength, develops internal leaders, and assesses external candidates to inform unbiased decision making and facilitate smooth transitions.


Lilly Mckenna

Meet the Team.

Lilly Lin and McKenna Montenegro

Our two Ampersand newbies are hardly that – we won’t go on and on about their impressive industry experience, incredible talent, and conviction in driving results for the clients they serve. Instead, we’ll share a few fun facts to give you a glimpse into why we are confident they’re a perfect fit for the team.

Lilly loves a good side-gig, and she’s had a few, from building a cake pop empire which resulted in some great social media hits (but netted her about a dollar an hour) to peddling custom high fashion to friends, family, and her Chicago neighbors, she’s always up to something. Her guilty pleasure is wine (white specifically) and travel…and travel with abundant wine.

McKenna is currently living her dream (and letting her budget run wild) designing and building a home for her young family in Kennebunk, Maine. She has a not-so-secret pastime of “tourist watching” on summer weekends in her picturesque hometown, and she’s a bit of a nacho aficionado.

We could not be more thrilled to welcome Lilly and McKenna onboard.