Realize your full potential and have fun doing it – with a career at Ampersand.


Our Mission

Impelling senior leaders & organizations to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

Transforming the world through better leadership.

Our Values

Creating impact, with excellence; deep & trusting relationships; & growth.


What Our Team Members Have to Say

Ampersand's upward trajectory has been extraordinary – a direct reflection of the talent on our team. We look forward to continued growth that celebrates and enriches, rather than sacrifices, the culture and community we've built.

Matt Richburg, Ph.D.

Managing Partner

I love the likemindedness of everyone at Ampersand and their determination to continue to raise the bar. At the end of the day, I trust everyone implicitly to do the right thing and to get the job done.

Gail Wise, Ph.D.


Internally, Ampersand’s culture is one of sustainability and balance. We invest in the long-term health and happiness of our employees because we want this company to be a great place to work.

Karin Thul


Our team members have a tremendous level of respect for one another and the work they do. We are highly goal-oriented and strive to deliver the best, 100% of the time.

Kerry Jones

Business Manager

The work we do is incredibly interesting and challenging. This team supports and encourages each other's professional and personal growth, making the opportunities for career progression limitless.

Rebecca Hart


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Are you interested in impactful, intellectually stimulating, and rewarding work? Ampersand provides a unique lifestyle proposition – creating strategic impact at the top of the house while also enjoying a high quality of life. We’d love to hear from you.

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