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Ampersand Knows Private Equity.

We understand investors’ imperative to get the right talent in the right seats at the right time to enable healthy returns. When it comes to enabling growth, our team knows the path to take to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


We Enable Value Creation.



With compelling data, make strategic talent and organizational decisions, fully confident you are getting it right.


Align investors and the management team around a bespoke and relevant human capital roadmap.


With conviction that you have the right team and requisite organizational capabilities in place, accelerate growth, moving boldly to realize the investment thesis.


Ampersand’s values and culture align very closely with ours. They value transparency, honesty, and consistent communication. For talent related solutions we don’t Google it, we Ampersand it.

Chris Redding

Director–Talent Management, SK Capital Partners

The Ampersand folks have excellent judgment. They are insightful, get at critical issues, and tease things out of people that are difficult, but make them comfortable doing it…

Tom Nolan

Operating Director, Berkshire Partners

Ampersand was an invaluable resource as we evaluated, developed, and aligned top talent in our portfolio companies…

Chris McCollum

Former Managing Director, Investcorp International

Ampersand Value Creation


In the competitive phase of diligence, you seek data-driven insights that inform decision making while building rapport and earning credibility in the eyes of the target company. We provide the insights necessary for complete perspective on the organization, management team, or critical hire, laying the foundation for a successful partnership right out of the gate.


With the first 100 days behind you and a better handle on the talent you have, it is time to take a temperature check. Structured interventions mid-investment help determine if the talent that got you “here” will be able to cross the finish line and provide clarity around changes necessary to enable a successful exit.


As the finish line approaches, get a solid read on the current state and complete the execution of the talent roadmap. Evaluate critical management roles, align the team, or enable succession handoffs to ensure leadership and the organization are ready for a successful transition and the next chapter of growth.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ampersand?

Ampersand has a strong track record of working with investors, CEOs, and boards to accelerate growth and reduce risk across a wide range of industries and verticals. We are strategic leadership advisors who act with compassion and courage to make the tough calls and unearth levers that will enable value creation for our clients.

How does Ampersand differ from other leadership consulting firms?

We pride ourselves on an agile, high-touch (but light-footprint) approach to assessment that addresses each of our clients’ specific needs. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions here.

What is the impact of Organizational Diligence?

Gaining an early read on an organization’s leadership, capabilities, and limitations yields a proven competitive advantage. We will walk you through all the right variables to consider, enabling conviction in your decisions and a talent roadmap if you move forward.

How do you measure Organizational Performance?

Ampersand developed a proprietary model for enabling value creation which is anchored by the following elements of Organizational Effectiveness: Accretive Leadership, Strategic Alignment, Execution Capabilities, Vibrant Culture, and Partnership Readiness.

What is the impact of Executive Diligence?

Our Executive Diligence process leverages objective data to accurately predict a leader’s ability to deliver the desired results in a role. It creates clarity around key accountabilities and ultimately decision making, reducing the risk of hiring or retaining ineffective leaders.

Can you really get access to management teams during Diligence?

The answer is yes. Our most productive PE clients make this a standard part of their Diligence playbook. Working alongside accountants, attorneys, and other providers, we gather important insights all while meaningfully demonstrating our clients’ commitment to talent.