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Jeff Ashby, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant | Atlanta, Georgia

“A highly functioning team is like a musical masterpiece. Individuals working in perfect harmony inspire greater productivity.”

Ahh, no surprise about the musical analogy. Jeff describes himself as a highly enthusiastic, but sadly mediocre, acoustic guitar player.

Happily, this self-deprecating professional brings all that enthusiasm – but not a note of the mediocrity – to his work. Jeff, like his Ampersand teammates, possesses the experience, credentials, and passion to add tremendous value to the clients with whom he works.

To put it plainly, he knows his stuff – and he is well known for knowing it. Media outlets, such as the Associated Press and Scientific American Mind (not to mention organizations as diverse as Exxon Mobil, and Outward Bound), seek his expert input on personality dynamics and leveraging team strengths. He has also authored or co-authored two books and more than 80 scholarly journal articles. 

Jeff has four active kids who all enjoy music. Will one of them outshine Dad and become the next Doc Watson? We’re sure he would applaud.

Career Headlines

Tenured Professor, Director of the Ph.D. Program in Counseling Psychology, Georgia State University
Licensed Psychologist
Senior Organizational Consultant and Executive Coach, United States Olympic Committee, Atlantic Capital Bank, Cox Communications, Axiant, Rayonier
Team Building Expert, Outward Bound, The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Air Lines, Discovery Channel
Faculty, Army Management Staff College
Faculty, National Weather Service Executive Leadership Seminar

Education Highlights

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University
B.A, Psychology and English, The University of Kansas

Jeff Ashby

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