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Caitlin Walsh

Project Manager | Wilmington, North Carolina

“My laugh reflects a lot of who I am—genuine, enthusiastic, and approachable. It’s great for breaking the ice (and for never getting lost in a crowd)”

Cultivating a love for reading and writing at an early age has given Caitlin a strong understanding of the impact of communication. As you would expect, she says it best: “I am deeply connected to the written word, and how something as simple as punctuation or a line break can dictate meaning—and, in turn, alter the lasting impact of a moment.”

An eye for detail and a passion for creating strong relationships makes Caitlin a natural fit on the Ampersand team. Her background spans from writing blog articles and eBooks as a senior staff writer to coaching and developing a team beneath her as a managing editor. Those experiences are brought to bear for Ampersand in her seamless preparation of client deliverables. Her flexibility and eagerness to grow means that our clients benefit from a constant state of learning: “I am always looking for opportunities to improve, to expand my expertise, to make a project flow smoother, and to make a positive impact on others.”

Establishing trust and cultivating positive connections (and an abundance of laughs) with clients and colleagues is her superpower—it’s not only what leaves a lasting impression, but what motivates her each and every day.

Career Headlines

Managing Editor and Client Success Manager, Zhivago Partners
Senior Staff Writer, Advisory HQ
Proofreader, Red Spot Interactive
SEO Content Writer, DFS Business Solutions
First Reader, Internship, Leapfrog Press

Education Highlights

B.A., English and Minor in Writing, SUNY Fredonia

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