McKenna Montenegro

Project Coordinator | Kennebunk, Maine

“I appreciate those who embrace a bit of a zig-zag history while standing firm in their conviction to make the most of their unique journey. Every individual has a powerful story to tell.”

Perhaps it’s fitting that McKenna’s professional journey began with a degree in the mechanics of movement. Through a series of interesting twists and turns – first in healthcare, and then academia – she uncovered a passion for leadership and organizational development. True to her planful nature, she immediately set to work establishing a strong foundation of knowledge and experience in the space.

And WOW, has she succeeded. Her ability to expertly manage stakeholder objectives throughout an engagement enhances the experience for all involved. McKenna “thrives on the nuanced relational side of this work,” and can be relied upon to manage the complex challenges Ampersand’s clients face in a way that makes the setup and execution feel simple. An ideal balance of detail-orientation and strategic thinking means she is often pulled in to help build new relationships and advance existing client partnerships. Truly, the art of building is in her DNA – when she’s not building trust and alignment among stakeholders, you’ll find McKenna deep in her next home renovation project.

She feels fortunate to have found a team that shares her appreciation for “the dynamic realities within each organization and leader.” And great reciprocal excitement exists that Ampersand is an enduring part of her compelling story.

Career Headlines

Linkage, Client Engagement Manager
Phillips Academy, Wellness Programming Coordinator
Elite Physical Therapy, Operations Manager

Education Highlights

B.S., Kinesiology, Gordon College

Mckenna Montenegro

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