Ellen Spear

Project Coordinator | Atlanta, Georgia

“I am told my tact and professionalism are off the chart. I am proud of that impression because, behind the scenes, I am a bit of a hoot.”

Yes, we all enjoy Ellen’s harmless but somewhat sarcastic commentary. It’s like icing on the cake when combined with her meticulous attention to detail and impeccable communication skills.

Ampersand depends on Ellen to ensure consistent quality across reports and support materials for executive assessment and leadership development projects. She’s clearly “on board” to do the job. “I am totally in sync with Ampersand’s key personality trait – everything boils down to building trusting relationships. We are diligent about making certain the deep level of care and commitment that goes into our work is unsurpassed.”

“While I am rather introverted and definitely not someone who likes to be in front of people (the ‘funny me’ happens off stage), I find it invigorating to be part of such a dynamic group of brilliant, dare I say, really cool people. I feel very proud (and lucky) to be associated with every single member of this team.”

Career Headlines

Right Management, Project Coordinator
The Atlanta Consulting Group, Operations/Fulfillment Manager
Center for Creative Leadership’s Looking Glass Simulation, Onsite Administrator