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Aria Ashton

Executive Assistant, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

“I combine a knack for seeing the big picture with an instinct to interrogate even the smallest details.”

Aria’s project management superpowers have made her more than just a valued addition to many teams over the years, even landing her an interview in Forbes for a pro-bono collaboration with an NGO.

With more than a decade at Google under her belt, she brings a wealth of best practices to bear in her current role keeping Ampersand running smoothly and efficiently. Yet, with a dose of her signature humility, she is as passionate about learning from the diverse skills of her new colleagues, both internal and external, as she is about imparting her process-oriented expertise.

But don’t let her introversion fool you: beneath her businesslike exterior lies the heart of a singer, and the voice of one, too, if you catch her in the right mood.

Career Headlines

Google Inc, Executive Assistant
Google Inc, Marketing Assistant

Education Highlights

B.A., University of California (magna cum laude), Anthropology

Aria Ashton

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