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Taking a structured approach to targeted learning for the executive team to energize, support career aspirations, and fill key leadership roles.

A US-based, non-profit member service organization under a new leader was beginning to find its stride after a long period of instability and financial uncertainty. The new CEO was looking to reinforce the core business that brought the organization to prominence while diving deeply into the major issues that were now holding it back.

Confronting the Challenge: What We Knew

After a year in the role, he had made preliminary staffing changes and wished to take the experienced executive team he had in place and focus their efforts on development. The process he chose had to be scalable, impartial, and include components to sustain development momentum through the next few critical years.

Ampersand’s Approach

A scorecard was created with input from multiple stakeholders to align around what executives needed to bring to the table meet the business challenges of today and the future. Following in-depth assessments, each leader received 1:1 feedback and a comprehensive report on their areas of strength and development opportunities against the backdrop of the scorecard. We then facilitated the creation of a substantive action plan and secured alignment from the CEO on each leader’s development priorities.

Discovery: What We Found

Our assessments provided deep knowledge for the CEO and Board as to the quality of talent across critical roles, including each leader’s ability to execute on the strategy.

Outcomes: What We Contributed

  • Upgrading of talent in several key areas, including revenue generation and enterprise strategy.
  • A clear charter and path forward for the newly promoted COO to step up and lead with greater authority, clarity of focus, and accountability, including bringing much-needed coordination to the execution of strategic priorities.
  • Individual action plans for all executives with a focus on developing the business acumen and execution skills needed to achieve ambitious goals.
  • Alignment of the executive team. Facilitated strategic teambuilding with action planning around highest priority team objectives and identification of behaviors that both enable success and detract from goal attainment.
  • A top-down-led shift in culture that includes retaining collaborative, respectful undertones, while imbuing it with greater candor, accountability, and clarity around execution.


Our commitment to confidentiality prevents us from disclosing the identity of our clients and other confidential information. The information contained in this case study is not intended to serve as advice.